Frequently Asked Questions

What if I arrive early to school?

Laundry Service follows the undergrad academic calendar. The first pick up will be the Monday of the first full week of classes. If you arrive early and have clothes to be laundered before service has begun, simply drop it off at either of our locations.

What if I decide to enroll in Laundry Service after service has begun?

We are happy to sign you up at any point in the school year. Please call our office at 540-464-6900 for prorated prices.

What if I miss the Monday morning pick up?

Late bags may be dropped off at either of our store locations no later than Tuesday afternoon at 5:30. Bags dropped off later than Tuesday will not be processed until the following week.

Why were some of my clothes separated out of my wash, dry, and fold?

During the check in process, our laundry technicians may find a garment that has specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. In an effort to provide the highest quality service and to protect your clothing, we separate these garments and process them according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag. Click here to view our incidental price list.

Can I opt out of the dry cleaning portion of the Laundry Service?

Please contact our office or click here to obtain a release of liability form to opt out of the dry cleaning portion of the service. If you opt out, any items that are not machine washable and dryer compatible will be separated out and returned to you without being processed.

What do I do if I have a question about my bundle?

Please call our Nelson Street office at 540-464-6900 with any questions or concerns. *Please note, dry cleaning and pressed items may be returned on a separate delivery truck from your laundry bundle.*