Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

All cleaning is performed in our facility by highly trained and experienced garment care professionals. We take great pride in serving you our customer and guarantee serving your garment cleaning needs to complete satisfaction. We carefully inspect/separate all clothing upon arrival to ensure all clothing is properly cleaned.

  • Any garment requiring gentle/special care services is removed and processed accordingly
  • Additional charges apply with Basic Plan. See Generals Essential Plan for all-inclusive pricing option. Click HERE to view a price list for these services.

As cleaning professionals, some items always require dry cleaning/gentle care services no matter the plan selection:

  • Fleece jackets, jerseys, and rain jackets always receive gentle care cleaning
  • Sweaters are always dry cleaned. See Generals Essential Plan to avoid additional charges
  • All bras and delicate underwear are netted and washed/dried
  • All clothing is cleaned with scent-free detergent and dried on low

**Should you wish to have your clothing washed, dried, and folded with no gentle/special care services provided regardless of a garment manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, call our office or click HERE to obtain a release of liability form to do so.